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We Reward Innovative Products of the Agricultural Machinery Sector

Growmach, the new and international address of the agricultural machinery sector, will host the Growmach Agriculture Technology Awards as a platform where pioneering, innovative, technological products and services in international agricultural machinery are exhibited.

Agricultural machinery and equipment innovations will be awarded at Growmach Agriculture Technology Awards upon the evaluation of all domestic and international firms’ applications by the expert jury panel under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Hamdi Bilgen.

Growmach Agriculture Technology Awards Application Has Ended. Thank you for your attention.

Objective and Liabilities

The Growmach Agriculture Technology Awards aims at featuring the innovations in the realm of agricultural mechanization. The Growmach Agriculture Technology Awards is organized by INFORMA.

The assessments are conducted by an independent-impartial jury composed of specialized technical consultants, scientists, and practitioners selected by Informa. Raising the number of jury members and their terms of office are determined by Informa.  


The firms operating in the domestic and international agriculture sector and suggesting that they manufacture innovative products in the below-listed areas may submit their applications to the Growmach Agriculture Technology Awards. This also applies for joint applications (Details of joint applications are provided in Article 4). Participation is optional and is not subjected to any fees. The applicant will be the sole responsible for the entire legal regulations and declarations. 

Assessment Criteria

Those products with a new concept that substantially alters the agricultural mechanization process

Conducts the implementation of a new procedure or substantially improving an already known procedure 

The practice and its impacts over work and labor management. 

The impacts over work facilitation and occupational safety 

The practical economic meaning of innovation, business performance, work quality, and functional safety 


1. Tractors, Loaders, and Haulage Vehicles

2. Tillage Machines

3. Sowing and Planting Machines

4. Manure Spreaders

5. Crop protection Machinery

6. Irrigation and Drainage Machinery

7. Harvesters

      7.1 Cereal Harvesters

      7.2 Tuber Crops harvesters (potatoes, red beets)

      7.3 Forage Harvesters

8. Post Harvest Tillage Machines

9. Vehicles of Mechanization for vegetables, Fruits, and Other special Cultivated Plants

10. Digital Systems and IT