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Agriculture Tractors: Past to Present

August 2023

Tractors, considered force machines within the agricultural mechanization system have the capability to transmit power in various ways to agricultural machinery equipment in order for them to properly function. 

Agricultural Machinery Contracting

July 2023

The mechanization of agriculture involves a production technique used in various agricultural operations, which traditionally require human muscle power or animal traction, performed in crop and livestock production using modern agricultural equipment and machinery, as well as the design, manufacture, repair, and effective use of such equipment and machinery. 

The Effects Of Climate Change On Agricultural Mechanization

June 2023

Climate change describes any change in the climate due to such natural reasons as the solar cycle changes, volcanic eruption, sea water temperature, icecap distribution, etc. Climate change essentially originates from the accumulation of greenhouse gases that have led to the increase of the greenhouse gas effect in the atmosphere and results in global warming. Global warming, the continuous rise of temperature of the Earth due to greenhouse effect, has started as from the Industrial Revolution with the rapid increase in fossil fuel consumption. 

Innovation in Agricultural Machinery

May 2023

 “Innovation”: Definition and the Importance for the Agricultural Machinery Sector

Innovation, innovativeness, renovation, creativeness … These are the concepts defined in this paper. 

Turkish Language Society (TDK) named  the Turkish term “Yenileşim” for “Innovation” which originates from the Latin word “Innovatus” meaning “to renew or alter”. However, the word “Inovasyon” is widely used as a universal concept in our language though the term does not sound much Turkish. In brief, the words “"yenileşim” and “inovasyon” are synonyms in Turkish.

Impact of Mechanization on Agricultural Productivity

April 2023

According to the statement of the United Nations in November 2022, the population of the World exceeded 8 billion people. In the same year, the population of Türkiye was reported to be 85.3 million. Agriculture will continue to play an important role as long as there is a need to feed this population. Agriculture is of great importance to the entire World population, it has been a basic resource since the dawn of mankind, and it requires continuity, unaffected by anything that happens in the World. At the same time, it should not be forgotten that more and more people in the World are suffering from hunger.